WaterSaver Technologies produces Water Saving Products for the Earth Friendly Consumer

WaterSaver Technologies, LLC, was established to deliver water saving products to a world desperate for conservation. We seek to develop earth friendly and environmentally friendly items for eco sensitive consumers.

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AQUS is a Water Recycling System for the Home or Business

Our most recent innovation is a patented (#6,276,005) water saving device called the AQUS®. The AQUS system is based on the concept that using fresh water to flush the toilet is unnecessary and wastes precious water resources. The system can assist architects, engineers, and developers with LEED construction and green home building by contributing water efficiency, waste water reduction and innovation points.

It's easy to install the AQUS water recycling system in your green bathroom. AQUS users can typically convert their toilet to an environmentally friendly, water saver toilet in less than two hours.

Water Savings with AQUS by WaterSaver Technologies

The AQUS is has a wide range of water saving applications including homes, apartments, condominiums, hotels, businesses, office buildings, schools, and government buildings. When seeking out ways to save water, many consumers benefit from the water savings and wastewater reduction provided by AQUS.

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Water Saver Technologies is an Earth Friendly Company Water Savings in the Home or Industrial Setting AQUS is a Grey Water Recycling System for Your Eco Bathroom

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