The AQUS® Water Reuse System

The AQUS System is a small scale grey water recycling system that treats and recycles waste water captured from the bathroom sink to flush the toilet. The AQUS accomplishes wastewater reuse via a simple and easy to install system which is patented and supported by the eco community.

The result is a grey water system for the eco bathroom which contributes to LEED Construction initiatives.

How the AQUS® Water System Recycles Sink Waste Water in the Eco Bathroom

The AQUS consists of two parts: 1) the Toilet Tank Components and 2) the Vanity Tank.

Inside the toilet tank, the Aqus toilet tank components monitor when the toilet flushes and engages and disengages the pump accordingly. The fresh water is allowed to remain on, in a restricted fashion. A water hose connects the reservoir to the toilet, using gravity, water pressure and a small electric pump to move water from the vanity tank to the toilet.

Grey Water Recycling and Wastewater Reuse

Itís easy to implement grey water recycling and wastewater reuse in your eco bathroom. The AQUS is compatible on the market today (including dual flush toilets or one piece toilets). The Vanity Tank holds 5.5 gallons of treated greywater and is 15.5" X 15.5" X 8.75" in size.

To learn more about the AQUS® System water conservation toilet and how it accomplishes grey water recycling and wastewater reuse, view a demonstration video with voice-over commentary.

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